Best Handguns for Target Shooting


When choosing among the best handguns for target shooting, there are factors that you should consider before your purchase. You’ll want to consider your experience with shooting, your budget, and comfortability. If you are a beginner, a great place to start is with a .22 caliber handgun. These guns are beginner favorites because of its easier recoil and cheaper ammunition. Listed below are some of the handguns I recommend:

1) Ruger SR22 – The Ruger SR22 was built for the beginner shooter. Not only is this semiautomatic pistol fun to shoot, it features a three-dot sight system with an adjustable rear sight for accuracy. The box contains two grip sleeves, providing options for anyone figuring out their perfect grip.

2) Browning Buckmark – This classic makes the list because of it’s reliability and accuracy. This handgun is also easy to grip for first time shooters.

3) Smith & Wesson Model 17 – This handgun is perfect for anyone getting used to the heavy trigger of a revolver. The Model 17 makes it easy for one to get practice on weapon functions such as loading and unloading.

4) The Sig Sauer P250 – This semi-automatic pistol has interchangeable mechanisms with other P250 models with different calibers. It’s reloading capability and easy recoil makes it a great choice for target shooting.